i)    To undertake conduct and encourage studies in various aspects of social sciences with a view to promote national integration and all round development of the country;
ii)    To provide facilities for academic research and to undertake, organise, guide and promote research in social sciences;
iii)    To engage teachers, research scholars and students in research work and to organise meetings, seminars, symposia, conferences, lectures, refresher courses, schools and talks on various subjects;
iv)    To organize and conduct on-the-spot studies and to send fact finding teams to study various social problems, incidents and to publish such reports;
v)    To publish research papers, monographs, pamphlets, periodicals and books;
vi)    To award fellowship and other monetary help to brilliant students and academicians to encourage research in social sciences;
vii)    To establish centres for the purpose of studying human life in all its aspects and for conducting necessary research thereon and to undertake research with a view to achieving the reconstruction of the Indian society based on Bharatiya values of life.
viii)    To publish literature highlighting Bharatiya values with a view to educate the masses for the eradication of social evils and for the promotion of national unity;
ix)    To set up libraries and to strengthen existing ones for the promotion of research and study;
x)    To acquire moveable and immoveable property for and in the name of the Institute, and accept any kind of donations and gifts and other help in kind;
xi)    To publish journal or periodicals and, if necessary, to set up a printing press;
xii)    And to do all acts and things necessary, incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the above objects.