Panel Discussion on “Abrogation of Article 370 & 350A: Road Ahead”

PRI, Panchnad Study Centre, Amritsar organized a panel discussion on “Abrogation of Article 370 &35A:Road Ahead” on Sunday 18-08-2019 at Madhav Vidya Niketan, Amritsar. More than twenty intellectuals, doctors, professors,

Chartered Accountants,Social Activisits participated.The talk was spearhaded by Prof. Harmeet Singh from Political Science Deptt., Guru Nanak Dev University and a Senior Advocate Sh. Vipan Bhasin.

Prof. Harmeet Singh initiated the discussion by analysing the historical background of the Janmu and Kashmir problem and the role of major actors involved in it during in 1950’s. He opined that the basic problem here has been the appeasement of Sheikh Abdulla and the muslim population of Kashmir, and the inclusion of Article 370 and 35A was only because of it. Advocate Vipan Bhasin added that with the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A Kashmir is an integral part of India, with this the disputed territory status of J&K has come to an end. To a query that why it has not been trifurcated he answered that owing to the Instrument of Accersion nomenclature of J&K can’t be changed. Moreover when we refer to Jammu & Kashmir our claim is justified an our areas under POK also.So Jammu and Kashmir should not been bifurcated.

Dr. Arun Mehra stated that from the day one there has been a systematic design to  change the  demography of this change to control the levers of the power by the valley politicians. For  it there has been balant misuse of Article 370

and 35A. It was unfortunate that our government at that time failed to foresee the design Starting from denial of J & K citizenship to the migrants in the pre-independence period to the forcible exodus of non-muslims from the valley laced by legal provisions was encouraged. After that settlement of more than 40,000 Rohingya muslim infiltrators in Jammu alone out of a total of about 50000 in India is the tip of the ice berg. Abrogation of Article 370 & 35A will checkmate these designs which were serious threat to the integrity of India.

Dr.Bhimsain viewed that the will power of Indian State has been demonstrated Pakistan, in the present scenario is isolated and helpless. No country of the world is openly siding with Pakistan.Out of frustration it can do mischief. So we should be proactive and vigilant from this aspect.India should focus on the support to Balochs and Pakhtoons.We should teach Pakistan in the same language. There are in-human activities and grave violation of human rights in Baluchistan by the Pak Army. We should highlight it at international fora.

Dr. Dinesh added that India should adopt a tit for tat policy for Pakistan.He applauded the government’s bold stand by inflicting Surgical strike, Balakot strike and now Abrogation of Article 370 &35A. In the same line we should immediately rationally and judicially carry on the process of delimitation of assembly constituencies in Jammu & Kashmir, so that the earlier bias is removed.

Padam Dhawan, CA said that there has been wide spread corruption and income disparities in the valley.The Central development aid was siphoned off by the ruling elite.In the coming time when centre is administrating and monitoring Jammu & Kashmir it must address and eradicate these two ills. A very large section of the people over here are subject to these exploitation. If it is effectly checked the common man in J & K will also readily assimiliate and integrate in the national mainstream.

Dr.Lucky Sharma said that the developmental projects resulting in large scale investments in the valley will sharply increase employment opportunities.The unemployed youth pelting stones because of poverty and money are actually angry with the prevailing corrupt system over there.The new era will help to address this trend.

To a question that the Abrogation of Article 370 &35A are challenged in the Supreme Court, advocate Vipan Bhasin answered that the present govt.has done proper homework and followed the proper procedure. To it another member added that even if judiciary intervens-the present political will,parliamentary support and public opinion transformed in the mass support will prevail.

In the discussion it surfaced that the Article 370 &35A were against the spirit of the constitution.These were anti-democratic because it deprived-right to vote and to get elected-to lakhs of residents of J & K during assembly and local elections.It was against Schedule Caste because it denied rights to Safai Karamcharis habiliated in J & K longback,  It was against Schedule Tribes because it did not reserve constituencies and denied due representation to them. It was against fair sex by discriminating them in citizenship and property rights.The abrogation have corrected all these discriminations and injustice in the state of J & K.

The house opined that POK and China occupied part of POK also legally belongs to us.However we can’t get there back only by toeing legal means. We should be committed, focused and use all other means to achieve the objective of “Akhand Bharat”.It was unanimously adopted that “The Abrogation of Article 370 &35A is the right decision and absolutely serves the national interests of India.It is a milestone in the process of India emerging as superpower in the international arena”

                                                                                                                                                                         -DR. Arun Mehra

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